So this is where I get a few hundred words to tell you who I am and why your business needs me to weave my social media marketing magic.

Neon Fox is the brainchild of Emma Gunby. I’m a storyteller by trade & continue to be today, although the way I tell stories has changed, from a journalist’s notepad to social media.

I studied English Literature at university which then led to a career in journalism. This included such varied experiences as covering the first Iraqi war crimes court martial and interviewing Richard Branson in a pair of fishing waders and a hoodie emblazoned with the phrase “Voulez vous couchez aver moi ce soir?”

After 10 years as a journalist, I became a poacher turned gamekeeper and moved into PR, with clients such as the National Lottery, Grosvenor property group and Arena & Convention Centre Liverpool.

More recently I was the Communications Director for the national cancer charity – the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

It was during this time that my passion for social media marketing began as I discovered the most efficient way for a cash-strapped charity to reach more supporters and grow its income was online, particularly focusing on social media marketing.

As a marketing director looking for digital support, I was confronted with unintelligible digital marketing agency websites and techy sales people who spoke in a language I didn’t understand.

However, a few courses later I realised I was back where I began and it was actually still, simply about story telling only now I was doing it through social media marketing and not in the pages of a newspaper.

So if this sounds like your experience and you’d like some simple, straightforward social media marketing support that will help you grow your business then get in touch (and I might even tell you my full Richard Branson story too).

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