My top time-saving tools for social media marketing

My top time-saving tools for social media marketing

If there is one thing I embrace in life, it is any gadget that promises it will save me time.

Don’t believe me? Just look in my kitchen cupboards and you will find it packed with blenders, spiralisers, pasta makers, slicers, dicers and every other gizmo you could ever dream of (yes, I am THAT person who bought the totally un-necessary egg slicer after watching a cheesy infomercial on E4!)

So, when it comes to work, I am always on the lookout for tools that can make my life just that little bit easier.

I’m often asked for advice on which tools I would recommend, so here are my current favourites.

For scheduling social media posts in advance

Currently I am using an app called LATER , which I stumbled across when I was looking for a tool to schedule my Instagram posts.

Now, Instagram does not allow much automation, but Later allows you to create your posts in advance and schedule the time and date you wish them to appear in a calendar. You then receive a notification on your phone when you need to post & simply have to press a few buttons and voila, your post appears. It takes a couple of seconds.

I also use it for Facebook and Twitter too. The thing I love the most about it is that you can schedule the same image or video across all the social media channels but easily tweak the captions to make them work for Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The thing I also love is that you can appoint team members to different accounts and allow them to see the scheduled posts, edit them or approve them.


For making videos
So this is only a very recent discovery but what a game changer it it.
Adobe Spark Video is an app, which you can download to your mobile phone, and allows you to make very simple, but very professional looking videos.
It’s so user friendly and even I can make great looking videos in a matter of minutes.
Just add some text, drop in some still images and you are away.


For making stop motion films
Search for Stop Motion Studio in the app store on your phone and you will find this brilliant, little gadget.
It allows you to make super quirky, cute, little stop motion animations, which are bound to capture the attention of your fans.
It takes a bit longer than Adobe Spark Video but it’s definitely worth the effort.

For planning
The Janet Murray Soulful PR Diary never leaves my side.
Although, as the name suggests, this is mainly aimed at people wanting to do their own PR, I have found it invaluable for my social media planning.
It is packed full of key dates, which you can utilise for ideas for your social media content.
As well as this, I also use the Twitter “Events” tool, which is great for things like sporting events and new film/tv releases. In your Twitter profile, click on your avatar and then click Analytics in the drop down menu. Then click the Events tab, which you’ll find in the menu at the top of the page.


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